What is PAGCOR ?

PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) is the Philippines’ primary gaming regulator. Their primary mission is to foster an environment which drives their country’s gaming industry while protecting its integrity and values.

PAGCOR has long been considered a driving force in the local casino industry, as well as participating in many projects which benefit both Filipino people and the country as a whole. They work alongside government for disaster relief efforts as well as building schools for children.

The PAGCOR Controversy

Due to recent reports of online sabotage and tensions between Philippine Gaming Control Office (PAGCOR) and leading casinos, lawmakers are calling for changes to PAGCOR. One proposal suggests splitting it up into two distinct companies.

This proposal would enable gaming regulatory agencies to maintain their integrity while still permitting casinos to operate and also ensure that the government receives all its gaming tax due.

As is often the case, this plan poses certain potential drawbacks and concerns regarding separation. One such concern is that splitting apart gaming regulatory agency from casino operation may create conflicts of interests.

One major concern of gaming industry regulation is its potential impact on credibility, which has recently been challenged due to recent revelations involving e-sabong and POGO which have been accused of doing considerable harm to Philippine economy.

Furthermore, another concern lies with this development being detrimental to the Philippines’ reputation. Therefore, it’s vital that this nation maintain its credibility.

PAGCOR employs over 11,000 workers nationwide and operates numerous casinos throughout the Philippines – such as Entertainment City in Manila which features an enormous luxury resort casino.

Philippines casinos

Most casinos in the Philippines are situated in Metro Manila; however, several satellite locations can also be found across other areas of the Philippines such as Ilocos Norte’s 365 Plaza Casino; Laguna’s Binan; Paseo Sta Rosa in Quezon City and Carmona in Cavite are among these satellite casinos.

PAGCOR employs over 11,000 workers and is the country’s premier gaming corporation, contributing more to government revenues than both BIR and Customs combined. Their staff includes executives, managers and supervisors – as well as experts from diverse professional backgrounds who serve in key capacities for PAGCOR’s success.

Before PAGCOR was created, illegal casinos were already an issue in many cities across the nation. Not only were these clandestine casinos illegal but they were also damaging to communities, leading to health concerns, property damages, and unemployment issues.

PAGCOR was formed to combat illegal casinos, and since then has taken steps to curb its harmful impacts. Partnering with various government agencies to build schools and other facilities for communities as well as donate thousands of desks and armchairs are just some examples of its efforts to combat gambling culture.



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